Ing. Aurelio Colosimo

 Embedded Electronics Engineering

Clients and Partnerships Job Description
Hardware and Software Design of Control Monitoring Unit for G-band terrestrial link experiment. I am co-author of a IEEE article published in 2022: Propagation Experiment Using a G-band Terrestrial Link: Design and Preliminary Results.
  Realtime Linux embedded porting on SoM Toradex Colibri iMX6 based board. Linux drivers implementation.
Firmware development for measuring and remote sending of electrical consumptions. Board based on ARM Cortex-M MCU.
Firmware development for motorized satellites antenna pointing. ARM processor based board, kim-os operating system.
Development on MCU Cortex-M: multi-platform firmware, portable on various vendors chips. Serial protocol LOP (Ledcom Open Protocol) definition, suitable for Home Automation and Lighting.
Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio Test and drivers code review for VxWorks O.S. on Power PC based board.
  Drivers implementation for MIPS Atheros SoC and various microcontrollers (AVR and Cortex-M family).
GNU-Linux operating system ported on a board with Freescale iMX6 CPU. rootfs cross-compiled, kernel linux patched and compiled.
RESERVED Implementation of Linux kernel driver for a FPDLINK III display. Board based on TI processor OMAP5432, video chain composed by TI chips SN65DSI83, DS90UH927Q.

Development of PPSi, a multi-platform daemon for PTP (IEEE 1588) standard, suitable for extensions such as White Rabbit. By using a dedicated FPGA firmware, it permits a synchronization of a few picoseconds between two devices.

PPSi main page:

My page on Open Hardware White Rabbit site:

RESERVED Implementation of Linux kernel drivers for STA2X11 chip in automotive field: I2C, USB, Audio (AK4628), ethernet phy (chip KSZ8041NL), video (chip ADV7180). Board: Intel Crossville-ST.
Implementation of software and kernel drivers bugfix for multimedia streaming applications, in theatres and conference halls. Board based on STn8815 chip.
Prisma Engineering Linux device driver implementation for ATM data transmission on on optic fiber.
Collaboration on the implementation of various product running embedded Linux. Boards based on PXA255 and TI DM365 Processors. Experience acquired about home automation, lighting and multimedia concepts and solutions.
Software interface with UPnP-DM standard, inside the Agora project.
GUI Personalization of BTicino Touch Screen LN4890. Based on Qt library.
Multiscreen X driver bugfix for multimedia entertainment in bowling lanes Implementation of a multiplatform printing library, running both on embedded ARM9 device and on PC.
Koanlogic srl Sw implementation for devices managing assembly line control. Board based on ARM9 processor.