Studio Ing. Aurelio Colosimo

 Embedded Software Engineering

Who I am

My name is Aurelio Colosimo. I am an italian engineer, graduated in 2000 at Politecnico di Milano university.

I have more than 10 years experience in design and implementation of embedded software.

My major skills are related to Linux operating system, in user space, for kernel hacking activities or device drivers implementation.

I have a more recent, experience in microcontrollers (MCU) programming, both bare-metal and by using third-party libraries or platforms.

I collaborate with more freelance professionals, in the team.


- Languages: C, C++, Assembly, VHDL

- ARM and x86 architectures: Intel, Texas Instruments, ST processors

- MCU: Cortex-M SoCs (vendors ST, NXP, Atmel, Freescale)

- Linux operating system: user space and kernel space

- vxWorks operating system

- Building and industrial automation; Modbus protocol

- Web Programming: PHP and Javascript languages

- Databases: SQL language; SQlite and MySql databases

- Open source libs and applications

- Audio/Video MPEG standards




Phone: +39 333 5948817




Lab Address 1: via F. Aporti 54, 20125 Milano, Italy

Lab Address 2: via Bergamo 60, 21020 Taino (Varese), Italy