Studio Ing. Aurelio Colosimo

 Embedded Software Engineering

Free and Open Source Code

I'm a free software user and fan, starting with Linux o.s: I began using it in 2000, both for personal and for professional goals. Anyway, I can not release under any open source license most of the code I wrote so far, being it copyrighted by my clients and/or by NDA clauses.

Anyway, I sometimes worked on open source projects; moreover, in my spare time I'm developing some own projects; last, I'm contributing to HelenOS, a microkernel Operating System developed by an international community.

For more information, please take a look at my webpage on Github platform.

Here below some of these projects are listed; I hope it will be useful to show my skills and my coding style; obviously, any contribution is welcome!


I implemented the first releases of PPSi, a PTP multi-platform daemon, originally developed for CERN's White Rabbit project.


I contributed to develop bathos-mcuio: MCUIO protocol implementation on Bathos operating system, for remote handling of MCU I/Os on Linux. I worked both on MCU firmware and on needed Linux drivers (see below).


In my spare time, I'm sending some patches to HelenOS.


In the above link, my contributions to Linux kernel, regarding MCUIO drivers, are published.


P-SDR (Portable Software Defined Radio) is one of my personal projects, addressed to radio amateurs: its aim is to release open source code, to be used on various platforms, spacing from modern and powerful PCs to embbedded and chip boards, even those based on MCUs.